Student Exchange to Universiti Teknologi Malaysia: “A Dream Came True”

2So this is my story when I stayed in UTM for more than 3 months. There was a lot of things I would like to tell to everyone about it, from experiencing homesickness, my friends there, chasing the bus, festival convocation, moonlight festival, community service, and others. But I would only tell you about my study there. So I study in UTM which located in Skudai, Johor and in the Faculty of Computing (FC) as a Software Engineering student. It’s quite different with my major in UIN but, since the subjects were almost the same, I enrolled in Software Engineering. Although I took the SE, I took the class from other departments too, like Computer and Networking Department and Bioinformatics Department.

At first it was difficult to adapt myself in there. From the food to the subjects. I need one week to adapt myself with the food. And not to mention that the midterms would be held in 2 weeks. Yes I came late for the study, I came in the 5th week and I have a lot of things to catch up. It wasn’t easy, since everything was in English. But I did my best on answering the questions and prayed for the result. Turned out, I got the highest mark in the class for 2 subjects. That surprised everyone especially me. And I got the chance to participate in Faculty of Computing Community Service with all the Computer Security classes.

What I can tell from my experience in there, I really love the lecturers, Dr. Anazida was very kind and supportive at me, she even bought us pizza for lunch. Miss Hanazina was a very cool lecturer, she made jokes in class and made me want to stay in the class all day. Mdm Hanawiha was a motherly figure, and very understanding. And the last but not the least is Dr. Hishamudin, he didn’t hesitate to help us anytime. There are other lecturers like my academic advisor Mr. Hafiz, and Mr. Abdullah 5who helped us a lot for registering the subjects. All in all, everyone there was really kind.

And then there’s the facility, every building has its own prayer room, vending machine, and water supply. The computer labs have full functioned computers and projectors. The transportation to the faculty was quite difficult. Since our dormitory and the faculty was quite far, we have to wait 30 minutes before the class started for the bus, and then walk a bit since it’s rare for the bust to stop in faculty of computing. But it can also be an exercise for us. And then there were sport facilities as well, like stadium, swimming pool, horse field, football field, cricket field. And even Deer Park and recreation forest. It’s like a dream came true for me, to experience and see a lot of new things aboard.

By: Nurul Gayatri Indah Reza

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